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Be a Better Manager by Friday: Real skills for inspiring employees, leading a team, and winning in today’s transformative marketplace.

The Dilemma:
For leaders looking to drive innovation, diversity, and inclusion in their teams, many established management practices are doing more harm than good. Too many leaders are dampening their employees’ exuberance and refreshing diversity with old-school management approaches that are killing their cultures.

The Research:
Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton have been some of the most influential voices in leadership research and organizational consulting for more than two decades, but it’s their research over the last few years that’s garnering extra attention. After surveying more than 14,000 working adults in 2015-16 alone, they have found 5 principles of effective leadership that managers in the 21st Century can employ to great effect, and 5 principles that must be avoided.

The Result:
In a fresh, funny and challenging keynote presentation, Gostick & Elton debunk myths such as The Smartest Person in the Room, Treating Everyone the Same is Fair, Appreciation Comes in a Paycheck, and We’ll Let You Know if You Mess Up. They teach audiences how to lead in such a way that today’s employees will follow—including establishing a clear future vision, enhancing diversity, increasing trust levels, and providing opportunity and growth development paths.

The Audience:
Designed for senior leaders and managers, the authors have presented “Be a Better Manager by Friday” to corporate audiences and associations worldwide. The session is typically customized to an organization’s specific leadership challenges.

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