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Do you customize your presentations to industry or organization specific needs?

Absolutely. As researchers, we tailor each and every message to an organization or conference’s concerns by conducting pre-conference calls, scouring all applicable materials you send us, and getting to know as much about you and your industry as we possibly can. Our goal is not to attempt to come off as a member of your team, but as outside experts who are so familiar with your leaders’ pain points that we can offer up solutions that are realistic and actionable.

Do you conduct in-depth workshops for smaller groups of senior leaders?

Again, absolutely. While our keynote speeches are often for large groups and can range from 75 to 90 minutes, workshops can last anywhere from two hours to half a day and are usually for smaller groups of senior leaders. These are terrific opportunities to dive deep and answer the tough questions your audience has about leading their teams. We use the additional time to come up with solutions that will work in your organization and industry.

Do you speak together?

Not very often. Three or four times a year a conference or company will bring us both in, and it’s a ton of fun. We play off each other well and it’s always high energy. But typically just one of us presents a message on a stage.

What’s next after you speak?

We love the question “what’s next?” It shows an organization doesn’t just want a bump in cultural alignment, engagement, or leadership that comes from a speech, but wants to make lasting, systemic changes. We are founders of the consulting and training company The Culture Works, and if asked we provide comprehensive leadership and engagement solutions to our clients. We are happy to share what we can do next, but only if you ask us. And, even if we do not continue to work together, we remain available to every client for follow-up questions and brainstorming. Our advice is always quick, free and happily given.