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Carrot Principle It has been twenty years since The Carrot Guys: Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, put their first ideas down on paper for The Carrot Principle book. The idea for The Carrot Principle came about after the pair conducted extensive research and interviews with various heavy-hitting corporations regarding employee recognition and engagement. Since then they

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Are you sharing your best ideas? Why not?

Why does it seem that we are asking leaders to pull out their own teeth when we encourage sharing of ideas between different branches, locations, or departments of the same company? We often visit a retail chain, for instance, where store managers in Seattle do not communicate what’s working because they feel as if they

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Do your people have ‘change fatigue?’

Some 43 percent of North American workers think their teams are suffering from “change fatigue,” according to new data from Towers Watson. The researchers explain the concept this way: People have been asked to work longer hours and do more with less for so long that four out of ten don’t think their teams have

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Managers … Limber Up

Our new book All In comes out next week. Here’s just one idea from the 300,000-person research study that is at the heart of the book: In this struggling economy, high-performance managers are vastly moreagile at helping guide employees through the vagaries of the marketplace—and that can lead to stunning financial results. When Towers Watson’s researchers

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Culture Change … One Nice Lady at a Time

Guest Post By Don Stuckey Director of Talent Management, Baptist Health System At Baptist Health System we are on a journey. The journey is to become a company that has a culture of appreciation. Culture changes do not come easy. Culture changes do not happen overnight. Culture change does not happen because we want it to happen.

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4 Ways to Share the Wealth with Your Team

A lot of leaders are nervous when they hear we’re going to speak to them about “teamwork.” After all, isn’t teamwork just a fancy way of saying they need to change the way they manage, give more credit to others, let others take a turn leading now and then? Short answer: Yes. We live in

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7 Ways to Know if You are Working in a Toxic Environment

by Adrian Gostick Most companies profess to be trustworthy, but many are off track. Ask yourself these questions about your organization: Is there an unreasonably high focus on the company stock price, as opposed to creating long-term value for shareholders? Is company communication frequent, open and honest? Or are things communicated strictly on a “need-to-know”

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